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Vacations 2017 oil / linen 33x24cm belongs to the Untitled series, it is different becouse the small format, first experience with linen

and I don,t use white pigment.


Holidays17oil / linen 33x24cm

  • The shippment will be made by private transport company duly insured. It will be sent flat between cardboard.The shipping price varies according to the type of packaging and the place of destination and will be borne by the client.

  • If the artwork arrives at your destination damaged , please inform the transport company on the day of receipt of goods in order make the corresponding claim. Please also inform us at the earliest opportunity .

    If you are not satisfied with what was purchased, we will refund the amount as soon as we receive the work back in the undismayed condition it was sent in.

    You will have 7 days to notify us your decision to return the item(s). Any additional management expenses will be borne by the client.

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