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Who am I ?

Isabel Martín 

Marbella 1968



1994 B.A Degree Course Slade School of Fine Art U.C.L, Gower St, London.UK

1990 Chelsea School of Art and Design. Foundation Course- London



2002-1996 Berlín

1996-1988 London




2021 ¨Golden Threads¨ Museum The Olive Oil. Ojen- Solo Show

2020 ¨GOLDEN THREADS¨ Art Gallery Toro Granada-Solo Show

2019 ¨TRANCE¨ Cultural Center Cortijo Miraflores Marbella-Solo-Show Collective

2017¨REFLECTIONS¨ Sala ¨EL Populo¨ Cádiz. Solo-Show

2016 ¨ACCESSORIES¨ El Molino Museum. Ojén-Solo-Show

2015 ¨UNTITLE¨ Cultural Center San Pedro. Marbella- Solo-show

2015 ¨METRÓPOLIS¨ Hotel El Ladrón de Agua. Granada. Solo-Show

2005 “LEY-MOTIVE” Bullfighting Sequences and Portraits. Cultural Center Cortijo Miraflores.Marbella-Solo Show.



2023 ¨Otras Banderas¨ Kavra Group.C.C.Cortijo Miraflores. Marbella. 

2022 ¨27 par las 27¨Cultural Center Cortijo Miraflores. Marbella. 

2021 National Engrevings Prizes. Engraving Museum Marbella.

2021 Clásic x Modern Cultural Center Cortijo Miraflores. Marbella. 

2019 ¨15 MONTHS¨ Cultural Center Cortijo Miraflores. Marbella-Collective Kavra

2017¨PURO ARTE ¨Magpie International. Marbella.

2015¨NEXT TO THE SEA¨ Plaza del Mar. Marbella-Dual

2013 ¨3 EMOTIONS 3¨ NH10 Andalucía Plaza Hotel Marbella- Collective

2011 ¨ TRAZOS ESPACIALES¨ Fuerte Hotel Marbella- Collective

2010 ¨FUERTE PASIÓN¨ Hotel Fuerte Estepona Suites. Estepona- Collective



Actual Freelance

2021 Desing Week Marbella Stand A08

2018/19/20 Colaboration in art fair Art-Marbella.(Summer Season)

2011-2002 Manager Director Gallery Van Gestel –Plaza de los Naranjos-11.Marbella.

2010 Curator ¨Fuerte Pasión¨ Sponsor by Fuerte Foundation.

Project to promote local artists. Marbella. Spain

2009- 2010 Director Manager- Internacional Art Festival Marbella.

2001-2010 Profesor of Art-workshops for kids and adults in institutional spaces like the Town Hall Marbella, or, the National Spanish Engraving Museum -Marbella.



2021 XXVI National Engraving Price. María Teresa Toral. Museo del Grabado.Marbella.

2016 XXIII  National Printing Competition. Museo del Grabado. Marbella- Short Listed

2012 3º Price IX Alfonso Grosso,s Painting Edition ( Town Hall- Sevilla District South)

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