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Do you want to hang a painting and you don.t know to do it?

Choose the lightfull wall of you living room and try to think about the possibilities that the space offers you.

Replace the objects you find in the space in order to place the painting. If the painting is 65x50cm hang it 30cm above your eye line and if the painting is big format make sure that the center of the painting match on the center of the space of the wall.

It recomended to use ¨easy to hang¨ hooks. And if the painting is heavy make a mark and use the drill. Make sure you have all the proper equipment like hooks and mails.

It,s recomended to install lights that will help to lihgt up the art piece. Enjoy the artwork even in the evening time¡!

If you think it,s to much for you...

Contact the Art Gallery of your area and ask them to help you out.

Nothing better than a profesional.

Paintings have to be in a place where you can enjoy the artwork. That will help the relationship within the piece, the interior and you.

It is worth

Please contact for more information

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